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I write about my diseases and disabilities (Charcot-Marie-tooth disease and Chronic kidney failure). I write this as minutely as possible.,but People who aren't interested in this substance may fell dull. However, I think people who have the same disease or disability wamt tp know about what the symptoms and lthe ife. more than a little.


I was diagnosed as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease when I was fifth-graders. My mother took notice of my disorder first, the disorder was strange my step. It is called a heavy clubfoot. Now I come to think of it, I feel like I had symptoms earlier. Because I ofen tumbled, I became skin and bones, I had a high instep and my toe bended.
I live in Kanagawa, but I lived in Sapporo by my father's work at that time. For that reason, I was diagnosed fromHokkaido University Hospital. I'd better underwent surgery at that time, but it was certain that we go back to Kanagawa after graduation from elementary school Therefore the operation was postponed. I spended with assiistive device all the time. I wasn't insensible of the symptom of weakening of muscles because I often climbed mountains with my farther.

I entered a local junior high school after going back to Kanagawa.,and I was admitted to the Kanagawa Children's Medical Centerin Yokohama in May in that year (1988). I underwent surgery to rebuild of bony deformity after several tests in July. I underwent it severally light and left, it's a right foot at thet time. The operation of left foot is in October. After that, I did rehabilitation and left this hospital in the next year (1989).
I studied at the school for disabled children in this hospital. The lessons of that school had interesting class which the general school don't have. We use personal cpmputers that didn't prevail at that time, make potteries and so on. I was really fun. I don't undergo treatment and test for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease from when I left here to today.

I can go to local school after discharge from this hospital. And the same year (1989), I was found urinary abnormality by the urinary test in school when I was second-year junior high school student. I had to go to the Kanagawa Children's Medical Center for the kidey next time. I entered this hospital and underwent a test of kidney biopsy the same year. This is tha test which inspect the condition of kiddney by injecting into the back and taking tissue of kidney. I was diagnosed as chronic nephritis nephrotic syndrome. I spent my life without the special food restriction except the salt restriction. Just the, I couldn't exercise excessively.becuse it require the kidney to work harder. Taking of the restriction, just like that, I also could go to high school.

Time went on, I entered the hospital again for kidney biopsy when I was second year high school student in autumn.. I forgot from what time but i went to Tokyo Women's Medical University hospital then. I wrote that before, and the kidney biopsy is the test which take tissue of kidney by injecting into the back. But I was taken it by surgery because my kidney was already sclerosed, I thought that my kidney became worse to the chronic kidney failure by the test. I needed to go on a strict diet from here. It was the food of high-calorie, low-protein and reduced sodium. I put a hard strain on my mother because I couldn't cook myself.
As far as I know, it takes a lot of time from becoming chronic kidney failure to needing the dialysis treatment. But I need the dialysis treatment after 3 months from becoming chronic kidney failuer in January next year. I used to avoid the dialysis treatment for a long time. I was in condition that I couldn't speak clearly and couldn't walk satisfactorily. People become the heart failure by rising the potassium concentrations in th blood to more than 8.0 mEq/L. But it was 7.8 mEq/L and my life was in danger. I avoided the dialysis treatment against reason but ultimately I had to introduced dialysis treatment at seventeen in January (1992).

I moved away from the dialysis treatment to the CAPD in January in 2001. It was three reasons. It doesn't strain the heart. I don't have pain from with a injection. It reduce food restriction and fluid restriction. But I can't keep doing CAPD perpetually. Therefore, I have to return to dialysis treatment but I'm doing it yet as of November in 2006.

About my diseases and disabilities are like this. iI write about approach to improving the Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease on the "For improving disabilities" page.